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Dialysis – Charnock Hospital

by DR.Jayanta Dutta / Friday, 01 January 2018 / Published in Ufx Studio

Her one transplant was done in year 2000. The reason behind these diseases is hyper tension. She used to suffer a lot from headache and was not able to work properly. Then she went to the doctor for check-up, but doctor was also unable to understand what the issue is. She used to have pain killer. After 5-6 years she realized that her kidney has been damaged.

So her first transplant was done in 2000. In 2016 she was fine, after operation and treatment. Then again in 2016 only she started facing problems and doctor found out that her kidneys has been damaged completely. She used to take treatment from some other place as she wasn’t aware of the proper hospital. Then one of the patient’s relative recommended her that Charnock Hospital is really nice and they have proper set up for dialysis. Dayavati then visited Charnock Hospital and she really liked the atmosphere around and she started taking treatment in Charnock Hospital.

She is being treated under Dr. Jayanto Dutta. The doctor supports her patient a lot mentally like how is she doing now and is the patient satisfied and is taken care off or not.

Charnock Hospital is determinant to improve the condition of patients and support them. Hemodialysis is usually done 3 times a week. Hemodialysis patients are also associated with anemia and bone mineral disorder for which Charnock try to treat them as well. It is one of the best hospital for kidney dialysis. They have proper dialysis machine and the staffs are highly skilled to handle it.

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